F You, England

Okay, so ‘democracy’ is an absolute joke. There’s no serious and viable choice politically in a system where the interests of the rich and big business will be placed first, with everything else a thousand miles down in the depths of a dark, dirty sewer. Yeah.

But a significant majority have nonetheless voted for the worst of the evils. After five miserable years of absolute crap, fractionally mediated by that stupid coalition with the Lib-Dems. (And HEY, Lib-Dems, didn’t that work out SO WELL for you?)


Oh, and Russell Brand? Either form a REAL revolution party and DO SOMETHING or just STFU. Seriously.

Misanthropy Mode in full swing. What a waste of fucking space we all are.

3 thoughts on “F You, England”

  1. Very sad. In Ottawa the House of Commons voted in favour of the surveillance state. Green and NDP (labour) were the only parties to vote against.

  2. As a card-carrying Lib Dem, I suspect Clegg always knew this day would come (the annihilation of the party at a local level during 2011’s council elections should have excised any doubt if not), but chose to throw the entire LD machinery under the Tory bus to prevent Cameron being held hostage by the more extreme members of his back bench. Unfortunately, as you’ve said yourself, it may simply have been a delaying tactic; those same right-wing elements will be eyeing up Cameron’s slim majority with considerable glee and expectancy.

    As I’ve stated continually over the past five years, it is absurd to expect a party to stand by its manifesto promises when you haven’t given them sufficient votes to form a government. The Lib-Dems also made the error of trusting the Tories not to stab their ‘partners’ in the back at every opportunity; at the very least, we should have demanded ministers in every key department.

  3. Mike: “In Ottawa the House of Commons voted in favour of the surveillance state.”

    Similarly sinister legislation has just come into force in France, cleverly asserting the best way to protect free speech is by clamping down on free speech. For ‘Je suis Charlie Hebdo’, read ‘Je suis Winston Smith’.

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