9 thoughts on “Number 12 (or 13…)”

  1. Considering how unimpressive I found many of the illustrations we saw on eBay earlier (either as standalone pieces for sale, or as examples of earlier commissions), I reckon there’d be a definite market for such work. Maybe a few based upon other popular sf characters (vintage Trek and Who strike me as good prospects), just to whet potential customers’ appetites? And you’d retain the right to produce colour prints based upon your originals.

  2. Getting back to Capaldi, he has the potential to be a truly memorable Doctor, but he’s been woefully ill-served by the majority of his first season’s scripts. Watching those Pertwee/Baker serials with you, it’s impossible to ignore how the emphasis of the series has shifted away from the Doctor towards the soap opera tribulations of his companions, to the show’s significant detriment. I hate to break this to Moffat and his personal fanbase, but no matter how much you try to foreground your ‘impossible girl’, she is nowhere near as interesting as the alien she travels with, and their constant bickering has become extraordinarily tiresome.

  3. Yes, you do capture Capaldi here. Well done! Too many lines for my taste, but you know me…

    Actually, the more I look at this, the more I like it. The right eyebrow is particularly good.

    I am tempted to request that you do the set.

  4. Hi Chrissie, Just “dropping in” to say hi and show I am reading the blog 🙂 Great to see the Who pictures, as you say shame about the show I’m working on a theory that it’s become, under Moffat, anti-working class but I’ll leave that for another time 🙂

  5. It’s interesting that one of next season’s stories will take us back to Peladon, last visited 41 years ago. The return of Toby Whithouse to the writing roster, and the additional of Torchwood’s Catherine Tregenna, may also auger well. As for directors, I know you and I would both like to see Graeme Harper back on the floor.

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