Don’t Quote Me

I deactivated my Facebook account almost five days ago. I haven’t broken and logged back on yet either, but, per the title, don’t quote me… baby steps, ain’t it… maybe I’ll stay away, maybe not. One thing is certain: I’m not gonna let it be a part of my life in quite the same way. Ever. Again.

Maybe I should mark that momentous day, just over a week ago, when this blog (which managed to survive by the skin of its teeth, in spite of its long hiatus) reached the age of 14. Anyhow, 14 years makes this one of the older blogs around, for better or worse—it was worth saving, I think.

Perhaps the discipline of writing a bit more often could be a good thing. There are plans for reviews, too (DVDs, Blus, books, etc), on another site, in the near future. I have to say that my attention span hasn’t fared well against being an FB user. There’s an obvious general trend in social networking, television, information exchange and culture as a whole—to deliver quickfire, constant distraction. People are fondling smartphones all the time, seeking the next ephemeral crumb of interest. Television shows and films (in the mainstream, at least) are breakneck, BAM! BAM! BANG!, barely a moment’s silence. I’m not immune to these things but I’m aware that it even impacts my reading skills. And I don’t buy into a lot of Millennial culture anyway. I find it depressing and creepy for the most part. If I had a decent tin-foil hat, I might argue that there’s a conspiracy to separate us from our long-term reasoning, critical depth, emotional awareness (self or otherwise), etc. Droids are, after all, much more efficient if they don’t pause to think to any great extent.

Where I am personally right now, isn’t necessarily that great. The last six years or so, frankly, have been utterly shit. 2014 has been a year of change on the one level of finally moving out of the little shit-hole that was my much-hated home and basically prison. But let’s be honest, being someone’s lodger isn’t the ideal situation. I don’t have much space and it frustrates me continuously. On the plus side, the lower cost of living has stabilised my finances after a long phase of… ahem, difficulty. I appreciate that much.

But of course I want my own place. And who knows where? Birmingham is okay. But do I really want to be here for another 6-7 years? Probably not. Life is too fucking short to keep doing the same damn things over and over, although somehow I keep managing to do that. I don’t want to be old and regretting never breaking this cycle.

So… life could be worse but it could be a hell of a lot better too.

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  1. As you know, I deactivated my own account this week, but I’d already largely withdrawn from Fakebook in any case. The cold turkey shakes haven’t kicked in yet.

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