Now Where Were We…?

I’ve had some lapses on this blog (which, it perplexes me to note, is 14 years old next month), but this one is a whole new level—first post of 2014?! Yeah. Well, the fact that the Website has literally been offline since April probably didn’t help any…

But we’re back. And spruced up a little. The front page and the portfolio section need finishing up but everything else appears to be functioning, and nothing’s missing.

I do plan in the next week or so to plug the long gap with a few backdated posts of this & that. They’ll be clearly marked as such, anyhow.

But I guess I should try to summarise 2014 here, quick & dirty! The Highlights:

*Halloween Comix, a collection of my stuff c. 2005-2013, came out in March. Buy it here! (Or here outside the UK.) (OOP)

*Fred, my four-legged pal, turned TEN years old, also in March. Choke. Yes, it’s true. (For some reason, I initially wrote eleven. He will be eleven in March 2015—let’s not prematurely age him…)

*Steve Green and I went to see Tori Amos at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham on May 12th. There will be a backdated post about this. (Update: HERE.) Anyhow, it was awesome!

*I became Steve’s lodger on June 7th. YAY! I finally escaped that shitty little town!!

*Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi is a great Doctor, but frankly some of them scripts were rougher than Keith Richards after a six-week bender. I did like the finale, though. More on this later, too, probably.

OK, that’s all for now! I will be back very shortly…

4 thoughts on “Now Where Were We…?”

  1. It certainly was an amazing gig. Right up there with Springsteen and Slade. Sometimes a gift benefits both parties, and this was one such occasion.

  2. You *liked* the Dr Who finale? All I recall is endless chuckling (quite difficult with a dropped jaw) and derision over the ‘Missy’ revelation. Gosh: was there some kind of alien impersonator in my house that night?

  3. Well… see, it gets worse the more you think about it. That happened with the whole series. Except the ones that flat-out stunk instantly. I’d say the finale was entertaining. But then you think about it and all the icky stuff starts coming into focus…

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