6 thoughts on ““Hail Cthulhu!””

  1. What fun! I ALWAYS love seeing these 2 characters.

    Been thinking about you today, and worrying, and considering how BAD things are here, I have my own worries to worry over. Ah well. Listening to THE MONKEES right now. After an inexplicable 15-year-gap, I finbally dug out my BOX SET (the complete TV series on videotape!!!) and am almost thru watching the entire set.

    And now… “coincidence” of the day! Tonight’s 1st episode was the one with “George & Lenny”– Len Lesser & LON CHANEY JR.!!! My most-watched Lon film, of course, is “THE HAUNTED PALACE”– which is all about H.P.Lovecraft. Isn’t this kind of thing spooky???

    The episode also featured “Bessie Kowalski”, alias “The Big MAN”– played by Rose Marie. What a character!

    Applied for 8 MORE jobs today, but really hoping and praying I might get the one I applied for in person last Monday. J.C. Penney may be okay for “extra” money, but I can’t see any way it’s ever gonna cut it as a primary source of income. Things are SCARY as hell right now…

    Keep at it, Chrissie. Right now you’re doing more art than I am.

  2. It works and you can’t see the repair work on the monster.
    Is there a reason for panel borders being straight/jagged from strip to strip? I’m not good at keeping the flavour of episodic strips in my head so it may be obvious if I have time to reread a bunch all together …

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