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Sunday Post

Well, the ISP/wifi issue is resolved, I think. Goodbye, BT. I think you’ve lost a potential customer permanently—your services are way overpriced, the peak hours performance is mediocre at the best of times, upload speeds are significantly and consistently out-performed by a 3G connection via a tethered iPhone—your dismal PR, customer service, habit of badmouthing the competition (who, BTW, did not return the favour) and general inflexibility simply rub salt in the wound.

Kudos to Sky for decent customer service under difficult circumstances. I’ll have home wifi again next Wednesday. The new router came yesterday!

Yesterday I also completed a drawing for someone’s e-fanzine, following a “Women In Sci-Fi” theme. My idea was a piece with Ellen Ripley meeting Lisbeth Salander… because, if y’didn’t know, the original Lisbeth (in the original Swedish Dragon Tattoo movies) was played by Noomi Rapace, who is the lead in Ridley Scott’s new, sorta-kinda unofficial Alien prequel, Prometheus. Well, I thought it was a cute idea! Reasonably pleased with the result.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Post”

  1. Well, no need to run the phone ragged all the time, quite honestly. Probably not good for its health. Excellent solution if no other is available though.

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