Hello September

Still grafting on a few things—but not, it must be said, as vigorously as I’d like. The juggling can get a bit confusing sometimes. One thing I want/need to do is work up a sample of an idea I’ve pitched somewhere. One or two pages. The idea is kind of fun if I can find the focus I need.

I’m all right overall! I had someone call me ‘deeply untalented’ on Monday, but you know, that’s my fault. I made a futile attempt to engage a Monster Ego on something resembling a level playing field and got bitten.

I guess, by this blog’s standards, my Jack Kirby posting got a good reaction (and I assume loads more people looked at it than actually commented). I’m all for writing more involved pieces like this, but sometimes it’s for want of finding the subject and time/attitude to get it done right. I’ll throw something else out soon—for now, this fluffy entry will have to do!

2 thoughts on “Hello September”

  1. Anytime, you want to chat, Chrissie, leave a word or two at The Red Room. I still remember with appreciation your kindness.

    Alex/Glenn Anders/Macresarf1

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