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Right, so where is my own life at? This has been a rocky week for me, to be honest. Knowing Martin was in hospital and unlikely to be going home again was a very dark cloud. On Monday night, too, I started to feel the emergence of a cold/flu bug that was in full flow by Tuesday. Overdosing on Vitamin C has probably helped to blunt the edges of it a bit. Today I feel pretty blocked-up and I’m sneezing a bit, but overall I don’t feel too bad.

The poor morale and shaky health gave me time to fill with re-watching the last four series of Red Dwarf. I had watched the first four a while back after reading there was gonna be a new series sometime in 2012 for sure (which I do seriously think is quite a YAY! development) (I didn’t mind the 2009 mini-series; I know some people hated it). So, why not go through the whole canon! Verdict? Some of it’s aged really well—I really like series 4-6 myself. Slightly less ropey FX—though hardly state-of-the-art—and more expansive stories. I think it peaked right there. It didn’t hold up so well in the last two series. They’re okay as far as it goes. Me, I’m not a major SF nut but I like it now and then… with Dwarf, what pulls me in is the characters, I think.

I just skimmed over all the entries and comments on here and tagged anything that was truncated. It seems when the database was transferred from Movable Type to WordPress 3yrs or so back, a few things got corrupted. But nothing serious. I don’t think this blog’s necessarily important per se, but it’s been around almost 11 years. Lots of ups and downs. More downs than I’d like by a long chalk. I’ve hashed this out a lot of times because I’m always unsure—a journal, as such, is a private thing. When you put it out there, what does it become? I still don’t know. Exhibitionism? Yes, to some extent. It’s strange how you can do something on-and-off for 11 years and still not have a clear definition of what that something is. But I have a strange fondness for it regardless. Whether I use it or not, it IS my space—not a page on some homogeneous corporate facade. That may be what most people want from the Internet now but I’m not going to let that stuff define what I do online.

I could write about something every day if I sat and thought about it. Reason and motivation is the key, I guess.

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