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I’ll add some random thoughts here about where I’m at.

Turning the London job down two months ago HURT. Actually it was kind of a crap job. They got wind of my huge desire to get out of this place and tried it on a bit—get someone much cheaper than they normally would. Still, it was a way out of here and I coulda worked on finding something better.

I have a contradiction within myself of late. Firstly, in the last few years and esp since ending up back here in Dec ’07, I think I have gone even more off the rails in some respects. I’m more isolated, more frustrated, more cynical, more whatever. But at the same time I think in the last year, creatively speaking I have grown in huge ways. I’m almost a grown-up creative. I’m unhappy with just about everything, but, never done better work. (Not saying much, huh?)

(There’s a downside. I am still not as productive or facile as I’d like to be drawing-wise. But my writing—specifically my script writing—be it for comics or even film—is so far removed from what I was doing ten years ago, or even five, that I have to feel quite satisfied on that level.)

More on writing later. Probably.

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