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Another continuation (edit: in other words, if you didn’t read previous two, and esp “The Rent”, this won’t make a great deal of sense)!


Coming next: “Tick-Tock”.

3 thoughts on ““Toast””

  1. Hi Chrissie, I had to check it out, from the link on DitkoKirby, but I admit, I don’t get it. Maybe in part that’s because I don’t have an iPhone and likely never will. Nice graphics, better-than-nice photo.

  2. You are forcing me to ejaculate, I see. Be that as it may, I am just commenting for the first time to say, as I twitted:
    …drifted to Club Comicana from CHFB. Joined twit just to say, “Fantastic comic!” Overcame twit hatred to do this. Says *a lot*.
    This won’t provide publicity, as I have 0 followers thus far. But I’ll let my friends know and maybe you will have a small coterie of fans in California.
    Don’t even know how the stupid thing works (twitter). But I love the comic, and always look forward to your contributions to CHFB. Cheers, Greg

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