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3 thoughts on ““Shape-Shifter””

  1. Layout works perfectly. Creature with horns somewhat strange unless I’m just missing a reference point. I think I would have liked to see Marie with eyes open and a bigger smile in the final panel. Love the middle panel.


  2. Hi Chrissie

    Have been enjoying ‘Club Comicana’.

    Have you ever thought about setting up comic art ‘workshops’ and going round schools teaching kids about comic art and how to do it?
    Peripatetic teachers often don’t need formal qualifications and travel from school to school doing an hour here and there and getting very decent money. All schools are on bus routes if you don’t drive, and you would have small ‘classes’ of three at a time. You could mix history of comics with practical illutration skills.

    I’m sure if you presented yourself to a head teacher and showed them your work and the Kirby thing they’d be impressed enough to give it a go. You could do a little talk at some morning assemblies to get interest up.

    You will need a CRB check, but the schools pay for that. You’d be your own boss and get to meet new people.

    Just a thought, seeing as you were twittering about doing something positive.

    All the best to you.


  3. I appreciate the suggestion, but I’d be the world’s worst teacher. I have no patience with myself let alone a bunch of kids. Doesn’t fit my personality type on any level (impatient, temperamental, etc).

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