Phew, ain’t it just been the quietest on here? Is anyone still reading this? I think I asked before… I’m not giving up on the place, y’know, as this is actually the year of its tenth birthday. But with a very tough, ongoing struggle to find work and just doing other ‘stuff’, it’s been low on my list. Are blogs fashionable anymore?

Might have some new content tomorrow. If anyone IS out there, leave a comment. I need encouragement.

4 thoughts on “Hi!”

  1. Hullo Chrissie. Actually watched The Wolf Man the other week – seemed a slightly ill-fitting role for Chaney (especially with Raines as his father). Much prefer him in Of Mice And Men – probably the only other Chaney film I’ve seen.

    A ten year-old blog, eh? Puberty shall be upon it soon enough! (Should have saved those absences until then!)

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